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Premium Capital Finance NDIS Specialist
We have the expertise to ensure you a successful next investment venture

NDIS Finance


We introduce you the leading edge NDIS SDA Finance product on the market.

Premium Capital Finance has fast become the 'go to' specialist lender for NDIS Finance, nationwide.

We supply the best loan product on the market that has been specifically molded around the in's and out's of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

NDIS Product Features

NDIS Finance

Low Residential Interest Rates %

NDIS Finance

Offset Account
available upon request

NDIS Finance

Purpose Built SDA Compliant Security

NDIS Finance

Fixed Rate
options available

NDIS Finance

Assessed as a Residential 25 yr term

NDIS Finance

Multiple Valuation Firms to help with short falls

NDIS Finance

Risk Fee applies
as low as 0.50%*

NDIS Finance

We consider the NDIS Rental rather than Market Rent

NDIS Finance

Interest Only or Principal & Interest Payments, Conditions apply*

Our special NDIS Loan product is specifically designed to assist all investors in acquiring an SDA purpose built NDIS Investment.
We require all NDIS SDA purchases to be compliant and SDA approved.

Premium Capital Finance are NDIS Specialist. We have tailored our Construction product to best suit our client's NDIS needs.

Feel free to ask as many questions to our experienced staff to have a better understanding on our tailored product. 
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NDIS Finance
NDIS Information

What is the NDIS SDA Scheme?

NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

It started in 2016 and is a government initiative to fund the needs of Australians with disability (known as participants).

The scheme aims to help 28,000 (NDIS qualified) Australians move into accessible and affordable housing called Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), to provide specialist dwellings that fit the requirements of people with disabilities.

The scheme takes a lifetime approach to improve the well-being of the disabled person and also their family and carers.

As part of the scheme, the NDIS will also fund builds for Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) to encourage investment from the private sector.

The government has pledged to fund of $700 million per year for
20 years, with investor returns anticipated at 8% to 20% per annum.
(please enquire if you wish to seek a NDIS package)

NDIS Summary:

Government fund of $700 million pa for 20 years

Rental yields of 8% - 20%* p.a.

Prices starting from $600K

Finance up to 90% LVR

Risk Fee may apply

This would allow participants and their families and their carers to have a secure long term housing solution.

SDA providers will work towards developing and building suitable properties via partnerships with investors, developers and builders to participants who are eligible for SDA payments as part of their NDIS plans.

Why Invest into NDIS?

Before NDIS was implemented, the funding for housing people with disabilities mostly came from governments or non-profit providers using upfront capital grants.

Out of the 400,000 participants in the NDIS, an estimated 28,000 of them qualify for SDA. 12,000 of them are most in need of suitable accommodation.

Out of the 12,000, half are living in aged care facilities, while the other half are living in unsuitable situations (inappropriate design, living with aging parents, etc).

The SDA scheme is designed to address the massive undersupply.

  • What is SDA in NDIS?
    Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) refers to accommodation for people who require specialist housing solutions, including to assist with the delivery of supports that cater for their extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. For more information, visit:
  • I want to Invest in SDA NDIS, but don't know where to start?
    Your not alone, majority of Premium Capital Finance's clients have hardly scraped the surface when doing the necessary research into NDIS Investing. With these simple steps, you'll be one step closer: Visit for further clarity. Contact our friendly staff on 1800 25 11 11 and enquire regarding NDIS After speaking with an experienced NDIS Specialist, you will fill out a simple 1 page Fact Finder After finding out your servicing capacity (subject to credits full assessment of course) it's time to find a NDIS Package PCAP Finance will help marry up your purchase with your finance and manage the process the whole way through
  • Can PCAP Finance just do the finance?
    Of course! We are able to help with finance and finding you a package. But if you have already found your perfect investment, then we would love to help you finalise your dream by funding the investment. Our specially created NDIS Finance Product with help make the process a dream.
  • Do you fund small residential projects or large projects also?
    Premium Capital Finance are NDIS Specialist as a whole. We can fund single residential Investments all the way to multi level '4-6 Pack' projects. For more information, please call and speak to our specialist on 1800 25 11 11.
Agent Referals

NDIS Agent Referrals

We deal direct with most NDIS Agents

NDIS Finance
NDIS Packages

Available NDIS Packages:

Premium Capital Finance holds our own national Real Estate License. 

Below we have our available NDIS Packages with returns ranging from Guaranteed $48,000 p.a. through to $158,499 + p.a.
If there are no current listing below for your to look at, please enquire
below to ask for our current stock as the below may not be updated.

NDIS Listings

NDIS Finance

Sold - Victoria $85,000 p.a. return

NDIS Finance

Sold - WA $132,498 p.a. return

NDIS Finance

Sold - WA $145,332 p.a. return

I want to buy an NDIS

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NDIS Finance
Bespoke Homes SDA

Proud owners of Bespoke Homes SDA are Victoria's leading NDIS Full Turnkey supplier.

For further information feel free to contact the team at PCAP Finance or visit

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