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Investment options

P&I or Interest only

Make sure you consider all aspects

Looking to take a leap into the Investment market?

There was a time when investing in property was a difficult process. 

Thankfully, it’s a process that is being constantly simplified and has become a viable investment option within reach of many property owners.

You have decided to purchase a Investment Property, whether its investment property number 2 or 12, you maybe a little nervous.

Financing an investment property is not always straightforward. A mortgage manager can offer you an outside-the-square solution that meets your requirements today and into the future.

With our in-house loan approvals, you can make an offer on your investment property sooner than you think, and we’ll help you with all the paperwork.

Premium Capital Finance has your best interest at heart when seeking finance. Best of all you will benefit from our product features:

Full 100% Offset available - Fixed or Variable

Unlimited ATM withdrawals 

Unlimited deposits to Offset - No penalty

Ability to split loans

Interest Only or Principal & Interest options

Keep on top of your Home Loan with Premium Capital Finance. Call 1800 25 11 11 now to talk with one of our friendly Home Loan consultants.

Why invest in property?

You invest your money looking to provide a return in the future that’s greater than the initial investment. One of the most popular methods of investing is to buy a property with the expectation that the value of the property will grow over time.

  • Potential capital growth – Property is an asset class that has appreciated in value over time. While there may be peaks and troughs in the property cycle, the Australian property market is considered one of the least volatile investment options. Based on the performance of the Australian property market, over the long term, you can generally expect the value of your property to grow and provide a strong return on your initial investment.

  • Direct involvement – Unlike many other investment types (shares, super and managed funds) where the most you can see of your investment is some numbers on a page, an investment in property means you have something tangible to show for the money you’ve invested. An added bonus is that you can renovate, decorate and personalise the property to suit you. These changes can add further value to your property, meaning your potential return at sale and the amount you can charge in rent increases too.

  • Tax benefits – When you invest in property, your investment may provide you with many benefits come tax time, provided you have the right investment structures in place. Through negative gearing you may be able to save considerable amounts of tax on your personal income. By taking a long term view and keeping your property for more than 12 months, you may be eligible to pay a reduced amount of capital gains tax on any profits from the sale of the property.

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