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Don't let being Self Employed

dissadvantage you

Premium Capital Finance understands business structures

Self Employed lending

Providing the sufficient documents to prove your income when you’re self employed can be a long and difficult process. That’s why we’ve developed a range of products to streamline the self employed lending process. We’ve made things simpler for you and taken most of the hassle out of getting a new loan. 

What's different if you're Self Employed?

The documentation requirements to verify your income for a standard loan can be extensive when you’re self employed. Unlike an employee drawing a wage from an employer, when you’re self employed and looking to borrow money, lenders place greater scrutiny on your capacity to repay a loan. 

To avoid what may seem like an endless document trail, we offer a Lo Doc (low documentation) loan. This loan reduces the documentation required for self employed applicants to prove their income. It simplifies the approval process, by allowing you to sign a declaration stating your income, which is then verified by your accountant. The lender can use this declaration as proof of your income.

Premium Capital Finance has your best interest at heart when seeking finance. Best of all you will benefit from our product features:

Full 100% Offset available

Unlimited ATM withdrawals 

Unlimited deposits to Offset - No penalty

Ability to split loans

Interest Only or Principal & Interest options

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Our Lo Doc suggested product

A variable rate home loan which allows self employed customers to sign an income declaration form with accountant verification, instead of providing proof of income documentation. The Lo Doc loan comes with a fully featured 100% offset account to reduce the interest charged and the option of interest only repayments of up to 5 years for Owner Occupied & up to 5 years for investors.

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