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Are your debts

holding you back?

Your not alone, there are options!

Need to consolidate, But don't know where to start?

Let Premium Capital Finance help get your finances back on track with lower monthly repayments and you'll reduce the hassle of making those multiple repayments by replacing them with a single, regular loan repayment - weekly, fortnightly or even monthly.

We will individually assess your situation and tailor the right consolidation loan for your specific needs.

We can help you consolidate all of your personal loans, credit cards, unpaid debts etc. into the one loan.

What is the benefit of Debt Consolidation?

Combining multiple debts into a single loan can offer a number of benefits.

One loan can be a lot easier to manage and more convenient than juggling several different debts. You have less paperwork to deal with as you only receive one set of statements, and you have the added convenience of dealing with one lender with a single point of contact.

Below is a basic example of debt consolidations biggest benefit, 'cash savings'.

What are the benefits of a Consolidation Loan?:

Get Home Loan Rates not credit card rates

Turn multiple repayments into the one

Fixed Low Interest Rate available

Stay in control of your finances with ease

Gain back your financial control

Don't drive yourself crazy, let Premium Capital Finance help do the work for you.

Call 1800 25 11 11 now to talk with one of our friendly consolidation experts.

Your current situation:

Your situation after consolidating your debts:

Your money saved after consolidating your debts:

The above scenario is based off a credit card rate of 3%, mortgage based off 4.20% variable rate and car loan based off 5% rate. All rates and figures are subject to change without notice.

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