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Finance outside of the

Banks stiff lending criteria

PCAP Finance has the perfect products for you

Are the banks being a bit strict?

Premium Capital Finance offers a range of loan products, referred to as 'Private mortgages’, which are all tailored to meet your unique funding demands.


In contrast to conventional lenders, we assess your private mortgage application in relation to your underlying security property and ability to repay the loan using your intended repayment strategy, not your credit history, character or credit risk, which translates to more flexibility and less red tape.

Premium Capital Finance has your best interest at heart when seeking finance. Best of all you will benefit from our product features:

Full 100% Offset available - Fixed or Variable

Unlimited ATM withdrawals 

Unlimited deposits to Offset - No penalty

Ability to split loans

Interest Only or Principal & Interest options

Why should you Refinance?

Here are a few considerations that will help you decide if it’s time to refinance, and bring your mortgage up-to-speed with the rest of your life.

  • Lower interest rate – The most likely reason you’re looking to refinance your mortgage is to get a better deal on your interest rate. The interest rate is one of the most significant factors in determining how much your repayments are each month. While it’s important to have a competitive rate, you need to ensure the loan features suit your needs, and give you a mortgage that works for you. By speaking to a mortgage broker or credit professional you will receive guidance on the best mortgage to suit your requirements.

  • More flexibility – Many people only realise the restrictions of their home loan when they try to do something, only to find their loan either doesn’t offer that feature, or they will incur a hefty fee to do it, by which stage it's too late. If this situation sounds familiar, it may be time to speak to a mortgage broker or credit professional to see if there are other products that offer the features you are looking for.

  • New product options – In the current lending market, competition between banks and other lenders is fierce. This means new products are being developed, which may suit your situation better than your current loan. It’s important to receive the most up-to-date advice from a mortgage broker or credit professional, as there may be a home loan product that makes refinancing your mortgage worthwhile.

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